Fabric Masks

Where can I learn about making masks?

Check out  https://getusppe.org/makers/face-masks/.   We’re consolidating our efforts with GetUsPPE and their advice is going to be much better than ours!  

Who wants the masks that I make?

Your Community

Everyone should wear a mask when they are in public places, grocery shopping or working around others.  While not as effective as N95 masks, they can be 50% more effective than wearing nothing. Why wouldn’t you? 

  • Friends and family
  • Grocery stores

Not everyone shows symptoms.  Wearing a mask shows that you care about everyone.

Health Care Providers 

Yes, there are providers that will accept home made masks.  They will clean them using their own protocols prior to use.

We work with GetUsPPE.  They track provider requests and know who will accept hand-made masks. 

Donate them to us and we’ll get them in the right hands!

What materials should I use?

Check out the study (very readable) where scientists experimented with various household materials.

  • Bottom line: Test data showed that the best choices for DIY masks are cotton t-shirts, pillowcases, or other cotton materials.

What patterns do you recommend?

There are a number of trusted patterns at the very bottom of this page: https://getusppe.org/makers/face-masks/

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